About NLR
NLRussell Associates is a cash and treasury management consulting firm. 

We help clients undertake important projects which might otherwise be delayed due to rapid business growth, internal staffing constraints and/or the lack of specialized expertise required to complete these projects.

NLR provides in-country, regional and global cash management consulting services.

For corporations, NLR can help identify and implement significant improvements in your company's cash and treasury management operations.

For banks, NLR can help review, develop and/or implement a best practices cash management strategy based on your target market.

NLR clients are in diverse industries and have annual sales that range from $250 million to over $70 billion. They include:

  • Mid-size, large and multinational companies with operations in the United States.

  • Multinational companies with subsidiaries in Latin America.

  • Large local and international banks in countries throughout Latin America.

Please see Consulting Services for more information on some of the programs we can develop to meet your company's specific needs and objectives.

NLR Values
NLR has and always will base its success on three key values:

  1. Commitment to excellence
  2. Passion for our clients and the work we do
  3. Belief in the importance of teamwork