Banks in Latin America with an existing or planned cash management line of business can benefit from NLR services in many ways.

NLR consulting services for banks cover a wide range of functions including:

  • Business strategy review and/or development
  • Transaction-based services and strategies
  • Product assessments based on target market
  • Competitive analysis
  • Product development opportunities
  • Goals and measurement techniques
  • Pricing and profitability strategies
  • Best practices in cash management

Whether your bank wants to build a cash management program “from scratch” or improve the one it already has, NLR will identify and recommend the strategies and tactics needed to make your bank’s cash management business “best in class” within your country and competitive environment. Our practical “how to” approach includes step-by-step recommendations and tools that your bank can use to measure ongoing results.

NLR clients include some of the largest and most prestigious local and international banks in countries throughout Latin America.